The Dental Health Five (Abscess Tooth)  
The Madwoman of Chiallot Little Man)  
The Cheese Shop (Man Buying Cheese)  
Little Red Riding Hood (Wolf)  
The Thurber Carnival (various roles)  
Dracula (Johnathan Harker)  
Hello Out There (Husband)  
Equus  (Dr. Martin Dysart)  
Bus Stop  (Dr. Gerald Lyman)   
No Exit  (lighting/sound design)  
You're A Good Man Charlie Brown  (lighting/sound design)  
Look Back in Anger  (assistant director)  
Deathtrap (lighting/sound design)  
Sweeny Todd - theater (Video Director)  
Ivan's Revenge - improvisational theater (director/producer/actor)  
Razor Spirits - improvisational theater (director/producer)  
Razor Spirits II - improvisational theater (director/producer)  
Virtual Ivan - improvisational theater (director/producer/actor)  
Ivan Savant (director/producer/actor)  
Hey Someone Get That Jewel Bag Out The Tree  - improvisational theater (actor)  
HOUSEdressing  - improvisational theater (director/producer/actor)  
Poetry & Blindfolds  - one-man show (producer/writer/actor)  
The Schmitterville Theater Hour - improvisational theater (producer/actor)  
Aha! - improvisational theater (assistant director/actor)  
Musical: The Musical - improvisational theater (musician)  
Ensemble - play (writer/producer/director)  
Dead Improv Society - improvisational theater (director)  
Suspicious Clowns - sketch comedy (director/writer/actor) review
Suspicious Clowns 2 - sketch comedy (director/writer/actor)  
Suspicious Clowns 3 (Christmas show) - sketch comedy (director/writer/actor)  
Suspicious Clowns 4 - sketch comedy (director/writer/actor) review show link
Suspicious Clowns 5: Clown on a Hot Tin Roof - sketch comedy (director/writer/actor)  
Saturday Asylum - stand-up comedy (producer)  
Suspicious Clowns 6 - sketch comedy (writer/actor)  
Suspicious Clowns 7 - sketch comedy (writer/actor)  
Dry Hump 4 - sketch comedy (director/editor) review
Suspicious Clowns 8 - sketch comedy (writer/actor/director)  
Suspicious Clowns 9 - sketch comedy (writer/actor/director) review
Suspicious Clowns 10 - sketch comedy (writer/actor/director)  
Remote 2006 - play (writer/producer/director/actor) website script
Training - play (lead actor) youtube part 1  part 2  part 3
The Tearful Assassin 2008 - play (writer/producer/actor) script  web link
The Woman in Black 2010 - play (lead actor) reviews
The Observatory 2011 - play (writer/producer/director/actor)   script
The Observatory 2011 - play (writer/producer/actor/co-director) review
Venus Envy 2012 - play (writer/producer/director) website
Killing Angela 2013 - play (writer/producer/director/actor) script
Killing Angela 2013 - play (writer/producer/director/actor) website
Featherstone 2014 - play (writer/producer/director/actor) script  youtube link
Featherstone 2014 - play (writer/producer/director/actor) website
Bully 2015 - play (writer/producer) script
Ugly Bungalow (essays)  publisher link
This Is My First Time So Please Be Brutal (cartoons) publisher link
The Thin Pink Line (satirical short story) nook book link
Knock - literary journal (contributor)  
Touching Base (play) publisher link
Undisclosed Damages (play) publisher link
Last Ghost (play) publisher link
Killing Angela (play) publisher link
Logan Square Literary Review VIII (contributor), 2011 publisher link
Uno Kudo  (founder, editor, contributor) (Volume 1 only), 2012 publisher link
Ka Pow! (contributor), 2013 publisher link
Fourplays: The Produced Plays of Vincent Truman 2006-2012 publisher link
Featherstone (play), 2014 publisher link
The Truth of Memoir, by Kerry Cohen (featured contributor), 2014 publisher link
New City Communications, "Being Lily", profile on storyteller Lily Be, 2015 publisher link
Dark Heart of a Scream - film (tech)  
Four Chamber Music - film (writer/director/actor)  
The Last Phone Bill - film (actor)  
No Light in the Aisles - film (writer/actor)  
Just Jack - local cable TV show (actor)  
Change - film (supporting actor) youtube link
Today is Stupid - web series (co-writer/actor) youtube link
For The Trees (writer/supporting actor/music), 2011 youtube link
Vonnegut's Shorts (promotional video) youtube link
Ceremony (writer/supporting actor/music), 2012 youtube link
Hershley Benz: Zombie Priest (writer/director/supporting actor/music), 2013 youtube link
Single Again For The First Time (web series about divorce support) youtube link
Burlington Bar Promo (actor, directed by Patrick O'Malley), 2013  
TED TALKS... Loudly (video) youtube link
WCRX - radio (disc jockey)  
Self-Titled Debut - CD by Rhumbox Hill (writer/singer/co-producer)  
Together Again for the First Time - musical concert series (producer/performer)  
The False Positives (CD)  
BFN Networks (podcast guest co-host)  




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