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Napalm interferes with my signal.  (Vincent Truman)

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Vincent Truman, Ashleigh Kennington, Kyle Ramos (2006) Keith Lamb sketch of Vincent Truman (late 2006)

The cast of "Dry Hump 4" and Vincent Truman, 2005

Vincent Truman after a performance of "Remote" (2006) 1/8 Mile Promo (2006) Oprah Magazine parody with Vincent Truman Vincent Truman and the Terrible Two's 2006: Still from "Remote"
  2005: 4 Suspicious Clowns and Andrea   Vincent Truman's American Beauty   2004: The Twins   Photo manipulation by Jennifer Smith, 2005   2003: Annual Tit Meeting   2005: never running away from my roots.  (Vincent Truman)   2005 self-portrait   Violin playing
1944: a job is a job.   Vincent Truman self-portrait distorto obligatto   Vincent Truman running, 2004   Vincent Truman sez there's nothing wrong.  Trust him.   Self-portraits while sleeping are totally scene.


2006: So hawt!  (Vincent Truman)   Robert Felker and Vincent Truman are fags   2004 photo experiment  
  1999: Good fingering, bad strumming.   2004 California vacation   2005 aftershow party   Polarizing Effect, 2005  2005: Pilates Class What else would a poser do?  1991.   Optimist, New Mexico. 2004   Yellow Guy, 2005
1993 video grab   Father Vincent Truman and Maggie, 2005   Colby and Vincent LIVE   Vincent Truman in the studio, 2005 Jesus or al queda?  You decide.  (Vincent Truman)   2004: with Denise Richards and underwear  Headshot. 2001.  2004 self portrait
  2003 haircut. (Vincent Truman)   2004 California vacation   2005: after work  2006: Irish Car Bomb  With a bass...before Vincent could play one...  2004 self portrait  2003 self portrait  EC and VT
2004: Vincent Truman and Keith Creighton   2003 photo experiment  2002: with Peaches  Self Portrait 2 (2003)  2004 self portrait  Johann the Cat (1986-2006)  Fame and fortune  Promo shot in unnatural setting
Liz Phair and Vincent Truman   Vincent gives Britney Spears advice on her new single   finger food 2004   When the rain comes...   With Helga the Muse   2005 rehearsal  as the bomb hits 2001 Adrienne and guy pal  
  2004: Anonymous the Cat   The world is the Incredible Hulk and I'm just me.  (Vincent Truman)   2004 walking home   While writing (2003)   Posing as a musician   Promo Shot 2004 California vacation   Jinja and Grant from Utah Carol
2005 character sketch   2002 photo experiment  2004 photo play Self-portrait (2003)   Penelope Cruz sought my advice regarding Tom - I said go for it   2004 recording session: Vincent Truman   Awwwwwwwww   Bricks in the wall  
Vincent Truman 2003   Vincent circa 1952   Relaxing during a rehearsal   Keith and gal pal   Metallic prayer   David Byrne explains it all to Vincent Truman   Meredyth and Scott enjoy life   Goofy, pointless shot in Rogers Park
  you are being watched   Vincent Truman and friend    Pit farting with Angela porn star Savannah and Vincent in happier times   1995: Drinking a Guinness in Ireland A badly timed television appearance   1970 school portrait   The Dead Improv Society  
Remembering the chord...forgetting to play   Ms. Jolie and I keep bottles of each other's urine strapped to our legs   A profile   Christening a mountain in San Francisco   Pam Anderson and I often chat about finances   From the Blonde Days   Warholian pattern   A nameless hottie and I chatting about Castro
  2003 Self-Portrait (Vincent Truman)   the ace on the bass Vincent and Amy    Vincent Truman 1995 Scott and his favorite cardboard insect   With friends at Apple in California   Vincent, Gail, David and Sean   Unused graphic for CD cover  
2001: green with the blues   "Want to hear a John Denver song?"   Simple promo shot  I can't think of a description for this  Tina and Vincent  Vincent and Sarah Michelle Geller  Collage  A questionable shot Class shot taken at Neo-Futurarium, Chicago
Bald V Vincent with that 'Once and Again' person disposable Vincent Truman (2003) 1980 cast party 2004 script review Photo shot from one-man show 1999: riding the whale 2004 New Mexico vacation
Nikki and me at our wedding  Jenny McCarthy and I in Los Angeles after her show was cancelled  Nephew Sean considers his first beer  Vincent Truman - Ireland 1999: Hangin' out in Turin  Pink boot.  (Vincent Truman)  Singing a song  Bjorck and I discussing how to pronounce her name 2002 recording session  




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