Angela Pierce (Caitlin Emmons)
Teen Queen of the Independence Parade.  Journalism major.  Actress.  Pep Club President.  Chess player.


Barry Hitchens (Mat Simonian)
Cab driver.  Voyeur of life.   Dirty.  Victim.


John Fowler (Vincent Truman)
Veteran detective.  Morbid disposition.  Inappropriate.  Realist.


Harry Dawkins (Brian Parenti)
Convenience store clerk.  Thrillseeker.  Dreamer of inventory and robbery.


Lawrence Pierce (Matthew Tucker)
Father.  Husband.  Smoker.  Attorney.  Chess instructor. 


Lorraine Pierce (Mary Marshall)
Public relations professional.  Pro-active thinker.  Author.  Innovator.  Decider.


Maxine Ryan (Daniele Cochrane)
Literary agent.  Perpetually happy.  Supporter. 


Professor (Robert Felker)
Brilliant.  Focused.  Stable.  Rational.  Dangerous.


Loretta Runer (Shelley Nixon)
Experienced police officer.  Junior detective.  Optimistic.  Caring.


Travis Watters (David Holcombe)
Musician.  Boyfriend.  Student.  Dude.  Sorta.